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About us

Innovative, unique wildlife management & control solutions

Evicom is focused on providing technology led and focused environmental consulting and on-ground environmental and feral management to all types of clients including aviation companies, local and state government, mining and resource sectors, construction, private companies, property developers, private landowners, and community groups.

Evicom has diverse team that provide a unique combination of skills to meet customer and site-specific needs. The business has also built professional relationships with a diverse array of contractors, who bring a unique combination of skills to assist us to meet customer requirements.

Evicom also provides artificial intelligence (AI) ready, Evi-Eye Camera that integrates with existing wildlife management and control practices, delivering a cost effective and self-sufficient system for urban and remote locations. 
Evicom are also the Australian distributors for OvoControl® P. A specialised pigeon control program which is the most effective and humane solution to resolving pigeon problems. OvoControl® — birth control for pigeons — is a proven, safe and effective solution for controlling the pigeon population when physical deterrents aren’t feasible or cost effective.

The company operates across Australia and New Zealand. With 20+ years combined experience in environmental management and wildlife control we pride ourselves on designing custom-built, flexible, scalable, and cost-effective solutions that exceed customers’ expectations. 

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