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Our team of Biologist, Ecologists and Environmental Scientists can assist with any size project. 

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Evicom can undertake weed mapping across any type of site including wetlands, coastal dunes, foreshore areas, forest areas, bushland and shrubland. Our knowledge is extensive and this combined with Identification skills weed mapping is recorded electronically. 


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Evicom can undertake monitoring of revegetation projects as well as sampling for water and soil quality. Revegetation monitoring is usually based on targets that are established during revegetation planning. Monitoring can include photo monitoring and mapping with GPS and recording species numbers, survival, and diversity. 


Flora and Fauna surveys


To plan for environmental management and rehabilitation, it is necessary to know what flora and vegetation is on site.  Evicom undertakes surveys in accordance with DPaW standards and identification of native and non-native species, vegetation type assessment, identification of Declared Rare Flora (DRF), priority and threatened flora, vegetation condition and mapping. All information is captured in the survey and mapped electronically.


Evicom site assessments


Environmental site-specific assessments can be completed to document plant species as part of the environmental management process. Environmental site assessments can be undertaken for a wide variety of reasons and can be basic or intensive from investigating plant species present to investigating flora, fauna, geology, soils, groundwater, and contamination.

Environmental planning, wildlife animals


Evicom can develop site specific environmental management plans. This expertise has been developed over many years of practical hands-on experience in the field, working closely with clients, environmental agencies, and contractors. We can develop environmental management plans, review management plans in line with specifications and requirements established by the customer or DPaW or other regulatory requirements and reporting.

Corellas pest management


Feral animal control is often required as part of environmental management. Feral animals such as rabbits, foxes, cats, and pigs can cause widespread damage to flora and fauna, and destroying current vegetation or revegetation works through digging and plant predation. Evicom employ a team of qualified vertebrate pest technicians with Certificate III in Vertebrate Pest Management and firearm licences.

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