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Can Pigeons be Relocated?

Periodically we get the question from new customers, "Can we just trap and relocate the pigeons from our facility?" The short answer to this question is "NO"!

Pigeons have powerful "nest fidelity". In short, once established, they are not moving and you have them and their offspring mostly for life. Trap birds in Philadelphia and release them in Pittsburg and most will beat the truck back. All pigeons possess this amazing homing ability.

Rather than relocating birds, think instead in terms of reducing their numbers. Even if you are using or considering other methods, OvoControl can be integrated into your pigeon control program for a better and faster outcome.

OvoControl is a ready-to-use bait, dispensed on flat rooftops with an automatic wildlife feeder. This effective and humane technology is especially useful for managing birds in larger areas without having to resort to poisons or labor-intensive trapping programs.


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