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City of Mandurah

The City of Mandurah, like many urban areas, has seen an ever-increasing population of pigeons across their central business district and outer suburbs. This is problematic for any Council to manage because pigeon droppings are a health risk and cause significant damage to public facilities, infrastructure, and private property.

City of Mandurah have engaged EVICOM to provide a fully managed OvoControl®P Pigeon Control Service. This service includes 2 fully automated feeders for the dispensing of the OvoControl®P, AI camera imagery and the online EVICOM AI imagery portal for monitoring feeders and reviewing imagery.

Mandurah, like all councils and businesses, have been looking for additional tools that provide a more humane way of managing pigeon populations and they identified that OvoControl®P was the best solution to align with their long-term strategy for managing pigeon populations.


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