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“OvoControl P” as a Better Alternative

To gain control of bird populations, researchers took to developing a bird contraceptive to function similarly to how it does in humans. Developed by the American company Innolytics, OvoControl is the result of this research. NOW AVAILABLE IN AUSTRALIA FROM EVICOM


Coming in the form of edible, kibble-type food, OvoControl is a bird birth control. Limit the likelihood of the ability of a pigeon’s egg to develop fully through the compounds within the formula.

The active ingredient in OvoControl is Nicarbazin, which has been used in chickens for enteric diseases for over 65 years. It was discovered when treating egg-laying hens that nicarbazin caused issues with egg development. Essentially, it interferes with the membrane needed in an egg’s development or the vitelline layer.

The information found from research involving chickens was used in studies for bird birth control. Ultimately, OvoControl integrated nicarbazin to serve as a sterilizer for bird populations.

While there are a few different options for bird control in Australia, it is often not enough when dealing with the excessive concern. OvoControl bird birth control is one of the most humane and effective solutions to bird population control. Its multiple delivery options make it customizable to any bird population size, while its non-toxic active ingredient ensures humane treatment of the birds.

To find out more about OvoControl, send us a message.


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