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Pigeon Control in Prisons

Prisons are designed to keep people in, but unfortunately, they cannot keep pigeons out.


Prisons are often chronically plagued by pigeons. Without proper pets, prisoners often resort to making friends with the birds. Food smuggled out of the commissary, surreptitiously finds its way to the pigeons and conditions the birds to this reliable food source. Given the large number of structures and geographic footprint of these facilities, population management is generally recommended for a prison campus.

Due to their very nature, prisons are not good candidates for conventional pigeon control methods — trap, shoot, or poison — or even physical exclusion. These methods may help alleviate the problem temporarily, however, due to their rapid breeding, pigeons always return and repopulate the very attractive site in a few weeks or months.

Baiting the birds with non-toxic OvoControl meets all the necessary requirements and gradually but predictably reduces the population of pigeons.

Pigeon birth control is exactly what it sounds like - it is contraception ingested by the bird which, when a certain blood level is reached, interferes with egg fertilisation and controls the population growth of pigeons. How does this work? An active ingredient is added to a bread-based pellet and fed to flocks of pigeons. The eggs that are laid by treated females do not become fertilised, therefore, they do not hatch.

With an OvoControl program, the pigeon population will decline at a rate of 50%, annually, with an ending population of 5-10% of the starting point.

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