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Pigeon Control at Rail Facilities

OvoControl® P
Where to use

Rail Facilities

Learn how we help rail facilities and transportation infrastructure solve their pigeon problems.

Large physical sites such as rail yards are ideal candidates for OvoControl®



Pigeons can represent a costly nuisance at railroad facilities.  In many cases, these birds have been at the site ever since it was built. Wide-open structures and the constant flow of leaking grains from rail cars attracts birds to these sites. The pipes, beams, catwalks, and towers inside these facilities provide a perfect haven for pigeons to nest. Over time, the nests, feces, and debris can cause considerable damage to a facility’s mechanical and electrical components.  Furthermore, the birds’ droppings and other debris add additional health hazards to an already hazardous area.

Given their scope, physical exclusion at these kinds of installations is not cost-effective. OvoControl® P provides a safe, easy-to-use, and effective solution for all types of rail facilities to control the pigeon population for good.  Methods such as trapping and poisoning the birds may alleviate the problem temporarily, however, due to their rapid breeding, pigeons always return and repopulate the very attractive site.

OvoControl® P reduces the population naturally, through attrition. With continued use, the population declines at a rate of roughly 50%, annually.  With a successful contraceptive program, facilities such as these will ultimately drive their pigeon population down to 5 to 10% of the original population.

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