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Pigeon Control at Michigan University

OvoControl® P
Where to use

Schools and Universities

Learn how we helped a university campus solve their pigeon problems.

University buildings create comfortable and safe homes for pigeons. The abundance of food and a generally friendly human population help pigeons breed and overpopulate, leading to health problems and an unsanitary mess.


University and college campuses are chronically plagued by pigeons. Given the large number of structures and geographic footprint of these facilities, population management is generally recommended for a campus. 

Facilities management at Central Michigan University in Mt. Pleasant, MI struggled for years to rid the campus of a relatively small but bothersome population of pigeons. Each time pigeons were trapped or removed from campus, others would take their place.

CMU was familiar with all the conventional pigeon control tools but instead decided on something new, OvoControl® P, birth control for pigeons. Automatic feeders were placed in key areas and facility management was able to monitor the birds with already installed security cameras.

After the first year of use, the population of birds declined to a small fraction of the starting point. CMU still uses OvoControl® P, but quantities are minimal.

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